We say no to single-use!

The world is drowning in trash! Every year 11 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. The packaging of each product we buy becomes waste right after the unboxing moment. It’s time to make a real change! Our goal is to put an end to the era of single-use packaging by offering a circular packaging service for e-commerce companies.

Values that ignite our passion

Sustainability is our core value at Movo, and we've taken circular thinking to the next level! Instead of linearity, we're all about the circle and its endless power to transform the world.

With this circular mindset, we've created Movo - the ultimate packaging solution that fuses sustainability, innovation, and functionality into one amazing packaging solution. No more cardboard, no more single-use, but a game-changing alternative that's perfect for businesses ready to take on the future!

Movo’s Mission

Movo provides a remarkable solution for businesses and consumers to combat the use of disposable plastics: we offer a circular economy system that enables the reuse of one single packaging multiple times.

Movo assists businesses in enhancing their ecological footprint, boosting revenue, fostering customer loyalty, and enhancing brand reputation.

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Take part in the Movo Evolution!

To evolve: “to gradually transform towards natural, cultural or spiritual shapes that are considered more advanced”.

Following this path, we need to transform the consumption model from linear to circular, using effective solution of reusable packaging!

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Movo Industrial Solution

We are redesigning the packaging process in the white goods vertical towards a sustainable production chain.

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