Single-use is going out of fashion...

90% of Europeans are seriously concerned about the impact of plastic on the environment and customers are actively looking for solutions in regards to environmental sustainability. Brands are put under pressure by customers and regulations to find sustainable solutions.

61% of consumers have gone out of their way to buy products in environmentally friendly packaging

One packaging,
20 reuses!

Movo's operations are built on circularity, enabling our packaging to be reused for up to 20 times. Once you've delivered your products with Movo, your customers can simply drop our packaging in the nearest postbox, and we'll take care of the rest.
Our quality check ensures that Movo is good to go for its next journey starting again from your e-commerce.

Are you an

Give your sustainable customers a solution. Generate loyalty and make them fall in love with your products.

Show your commitment towards the environment and improve your brand identity.

Increase your margins! 75% of e-commerce clients are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging when buying online.

Grow and defend your market with MOVO!

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