Advantages of reusable packaging

What are the advantages of reusable packaging? Why is it so important to be eco-friendly? Movo answers these questions and brings you the perfect solution for your business

Purchasing habits are changing

In the last few years, respect for the environment and the reduction of CO2 emissions has taken more and more space in the hearts of many consumers around the world. An awareness that has, in fact, changed the purchasing habits of millions of people. According to some surveys, 50% of respondents say they have already stopped buying from companies that use disposable packaging, while 75% say they are willing to pay more for a green solution.

Single-use packaging is seen as damaging and obsolete, so much so that it is completely rejected by many consumers. To get closer to these customers you can use environmentally sustainable packaging. Movo has created an innovative solution that can be reused up to 20 times. But what are the advantages of reusable packaging?

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Clients are enthusiast of the circular packaging!

A solution that cuts production costs and CO2 emissions

Reusable packaging is the perfect solution because it is environmentally friendly and lowers the cost per shipment. Packaging of this type are made for continuous reuse, which is why they are made of materials that are much more resistant. In this way, companies reduce the costs of raw material, energy, labor and waste creation.

A system like this, with packaging that constantly makes returns to the company site, allows you to drastically reduce your company's carbon footprint. Our system uses all the advantages of reusable packaging. It’s very user-friendly. Customers have to fold the packaging back on itself, place it in the mailbox, and, thanks to the prepaid shipping, it will return to the facility. After a quick check, it will be immediately ready for another delivery.

Add value to each of your deliveries

The packaging is the first physical contact your company has with your digital customers. Therefore, communicating your environmental commitment from the beginning is crucial to further grow your business. Our reusable packaging allows you to add positive value to each of your delivery and lets you communicate right away that you are also eco-friendly.

Communicating your company's green commitment easily and lowering production costs and CO2 emissions are the main advantages of reusable packaging. Movo offers you an innovative solution to change your delivery system. Visit our website to learn more or contact us for more information.

Values that ignite our passion

Sustainability is our core value at Movo, and we've taken circular thinking to the next level! Instead of linearity, we're all about the circle and its endless power to transform the world.

With this circular mindset, we've created Movo - the ultimate packaging solution that fuses sustainability, innovation, and functionality into one amazing packaging solution. No more cardboard, no more single-use, but a game-changing alternative that's perfect for businesses ready to take on the future!

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