Current packaging for large appliances is old, pollutant and inefficient

Current single-use solution is strongly demanding of a change


The recycling rate of expanded polystyrene (EPS), is close to zero on a global scale1

Terrible customer feedback

More than 50% of customers have a negative opinion on current packaging2

Under regulatory scrutiny

Specific bans on expanded polystyrene are on the rise in Europe, certain US states and Australia3

Bad product protection

Between 3-6% of large appliances are delivered damaged due to poor packaging performances4

Sources 1: OECD - Improving Plastics Management: Trends, policy responses, and the role of international co-operation and trade;
2: Movo Survey; 3: Statista, 2021 4: Discussion with Industry Players

The evolution:
Reusable and Sustainable Packaging

There is great potential in changing the actual packaging model for large appliances.

Movo’s packaging increases product protection, optimizes the logistic process and decreases environmental footprint.

Movo Industrial Solutions has developed a reusable packaging model that creates value to all players involved in the supply chain while saving our planet!


Reverse Logistic System

Our foldable packaging goes circular, and gets used more then 20 times.

Via innovative IT solutions, incentive systems, and ad hoc tools, Movo’s packaging generates benefits to all actors in the distribution process: producer, seller, professional installer and final customer.


Movo transforms a product business in a service business

Movo handles everything offering hassle-free solutions

Product features

Product protection
performance increased by 20%*

Great portability:
light weighted, easy to fold and transport

Proved resistance to 20+ utilization cycles over 5+ years

Made with innovative material 100% recyclable

designed to fit multiple products

application filed

Tracking features
to improve operational efficiency and customer data

*Compared to standard packaging in Polystyrene. Analysis conducted with FEM Method

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