Have you received a delivery with Movo?

Follow the below instructions to return the packaging and give it a new life!

"I want to return Movo!"

Remove the label with your address on it.

Fold Movo following the creases.

Make sure the little flap with the prepaid shipping label is out and well visible.

Drop it in any mailbox in the world for free!
Without waiting in line!

"I want to return a product to the store I shopped at!"

Contact the store for return instructions.
Make sure the flap with our shipping address is hidden, otherwise it might mess up your return!

Our Mission

On average only 9% of plastic on a global scale is recycled. To produce cardboard in the last 30 years, a surface as big as the European Union has been deforested.

Movo reduces Co2 impact of 80% compared to single use solutions and can be reused up to 20 times. Movo Circular packaging is 0 waste.

To keep our planet clean we need You!

Any time you return Movo you are helping our planet.

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