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Looking for a packaging solution that doesn't end up in the trash after just one use? You’re at the right place! Designed specifically for e-commerce companies, Movo circular packaging gets reused over 20 times by moving around and around.


Our client offers Movo in its online shop and delivers the order to its customer with Movo reusable packaging


The final consumer opens Movo, takes out the products, then folds Movo back into the form of an envelope


Thanks to the prepaid shipping, the final consumer can return Movo by dropping it to the closest postbox

Quality check

We take care of the rest by checking and sanitizing Movo before sending it again to the e-commerce to start a new round

Our impact

Movo fights for a cleaner Earth and it proved to be the right choice for the environment. 3 uses of Movo cut carbon footprint by half, while 20 reuses make our planet even happier, beating single-use cardboard boxes in a snap. Don't just take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

CO2 saving
for 20 uses*
energy saving
for 20 uses*
water saving
for 20 uses*

* Compared to a disposable cardboard box of 70% recycled content according to a comparative LCA study conducted by Life Cycle Engineering SpA.

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Customize it with your brand image

All our packaging can be fully customizable to perfectly represent your brand image. With endless customization options, Movo is ready to embody your unique identity and values while providing a memorable and sustainable experience for your customers. Let us help you showcase your commitment to sustainability and create a lasting impression with a packaging that truly reflects your brand.

How Movo works

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We promote natural and sustainable beauty, our mission is carbon neutrality, from production to shipping, thanks to Movo we are one step closer to our goal!


Elidb is synonymous with eco-sustainability and innovation, and the collaboration with Movopack proves it. Together for a greener world!


Our mission is to eliminate waste from single-use products, choosing Movo's packaging was the most natural choice to follow our business philosophy.


Style, design, innovation, Italianness, quality. These are the values that characterize us and that we have found in Movopack's service and team.


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  • Build customer loyalty and make customers fall in love with your brand
  • Improve your brand identity with the most sustainable packaging solution
  • Increase your margins with a tailored option for your sustainability-focused customers

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